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Romance is our drug. And we like a good fix.

That's what it's all about, right? You don't want the shit they're selling on the corner to tourists who don't know the good stuff from the bad. You want to buy from the dealer who takes pride in her product, who always knows where to get the purest stuff, who maintains strict quality controls on everything she puts out on the street. 

We are your dealers. We also want the good stuff. And we want to share the good stuff with you. We aren't here to help the authors who are already receiving the recognition they deserve. Unsung Romance is a blog for the books and authors that aren't. 

Our Approach is Simple...

Our approach is simple: if we read something that blows us away and we think it should b a bestseller, we write about it with the goal of exposing more readers to a book we felt was top-notch.

We don't rate or compare books, because every book we list is one that we consider to be excellent. We don't advertise or promote or accept money of any kind. We don't pimp our friends (though we may write about authors we loved from the beginning, who we've since become friends with after fangirling them hard). We're not a marketing engine. We're just writers with high standards telling you what we love to read.