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Quench the Day (Red Wolf Trilogy 1) by Shari Branning

Beautiful, fiery Rowan is of marrying age, but has moved from her parents’ home in the city to her uncle’s house in the country to escape overly-eager suitors. When the (basically, evil) King Ormand sees her at a party and wishes to make her his wife, Rowan elopes with Aaro—a virtual stranger with a crush on her who is preferable to the king. Realizing he’s been tricked, the spurned king gets his revenge by razing Aaro’s estate and leaving him for dead, but not before he kidnaps Rowan and casts a spell on her.

Shelter My Heart by L.G. O'Connor

Jenny is summoned home to New Jersey for a family emergency, and it’s a good thing she was—she needs space from the fiancé back in San Francisco who she’s just lukewarm about. A chance encounter with Devon, a millionaire businessman who does Jenny a kindness, spurs her to help him keep his business safe from forces trying to take his company—all she has to do is pretend to be his girlfriend for two weeks.