All in Contemporary Romance

Shelter My Heart by L.G. O'Connor

Jenny is summoned home to New Jersey for a family emergency, and it’s a good thing she was—she needs space from the fiancé back in San Francisco who she’s just lukewarm about. A chance encounter with Devon, a millionaire businessman who does Jenny a kindness, spurs her to help him keep his business safe from forces trying to take his company—all she has to do is pretend to be his girlfriend for two weeks.

The Lust Diaries Series by Tasha Harrison

 Yves, an underemployed writer who blogs about her sexual exploits, is approached by closet fan Elijah, an editor for a big deal publisher. They both stand to gain if he helps launch her to literary stardom, so he leads the conversion of her popular sex blog into a memoir. The writing process forces Yves to face her inner psyche, and her dubious relationship with sex, while juggling the expectations of people she’s not ready to face. Her critical mother, an abusive ex, and intense attraction to the sexy artist, Julian are complicated by a double life she begins to lead with Elijah when he leads her to open an unexpected Pandora’s Box.