All in Standalone in a Series

Parliament of the Profane by Justin Bohardt

Meta-human Gwen is rescued from execution at the hands of a corrupt government that is ready to discard her after exploiting her powers. Unable to reveal that she is alive, she joins forces with her savior, the eternally-youthful Nate, and his motley crew of meta-human vigilantes. Together, they conspire to take down the government, yet her unexpected affair with Nate complicates everything, causing both of them to sacrifice a greater justice to protect their love.

Bedlam by Autumn Sand

Meeting club mogul and new client Tony, prompts Anaya to think about a future that doesn’t involve her cheating absentee boyfriend, Ignacio, whose jealousy and mob ties threaten to trap her indefinitely. But Tony isn't what he seems, and as hidden information is revealed, the story becomes a suspenseful caper with much at stake for everyone involved.

Shelter My Heart by L.G. O'Connor

Jenny is summoned home to New Jersey for a family emergency, and it’s a good thing she was—she needs space from the fiancé back in San Francisco who she’s just lukewarm about. A chance encounter with Devon, a millionaire businessman who does Jenny a kindness, spurs her to help him keep his business safe from forces trying to take his company—all she has to do is pretend to be his girlfriend for two weeks.