Q: Do you take submissions?

A: Absolutely. You can submit a recommendation here. The submissions page details all guidelines and rules. The main requirement is that books that are submitted must not be bestsellers. Remember? We're looking for unsung authors.


Q: Do submissions have to be new releases?

A: No.


Q: How do you evaluate submissions?

A: As with all reviews, this site is subjective, and based on the opinions of contributors. With that said, we take literary concepts into account when we review and we don't accept books that aren't strong across four core concepts: character, plot, pacing, and tension. Books that we identify as top picks are strong across all four of these aspects. Other books are above-average across all four and are extraordinary in at least one.


Q: What if my book or a book I recommended isn't chosen? Do you post negative reviews?

A: We don't post negative reviews. We simply choose works that we believe are extraordinary and feature them on our blog. If your book (or a book you nominate) isn't chosen, we do nothing. If you are an author who self-nominated, and you requested feedback, we'll return a few brief notes on what compelled us to pass.


Q: Are your reviews posted anywhere other than on this web site?

A: Yes. We also post reviews to Amazon.com and Goodreads under "Unsung Romance"


Q: Are any of the contributors authors, and are any of their works reviewed or marketed in any way?

A: This blog was started by Kilby Blades, author of contemporary romance and erotica. None of her books will be reviewed on the blog, nor will the books of any other author who becomes a contributor. If an author becomes a contributor after her or his book has already been reviewed, we will no longer review her/his books (in other words, we won't remove a book that has been reviewed just because the author subsequently becomes a reviewer--we will, however, add a note about the circumstances on the author's review page). Contributor work (not reviews, simply a list of works) will be viewable on each contributor's individual profile page.