Go ahead. Tell us about the books you can't live without. 

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You know the ones we're talking about...

...the ones that come immediately to mind when someone asks you to recommend an absolute must-read. Our goal is to serve up a steady stream of unforgettable reads from authors who aren't (yet!) getting attention on bestseller lists, or getting coverage on a national or international scale. We want to bring attention to amazing authors who add quality, variety and new perspectives to the mainstream romance space.

Here are our submission guidelines:

No bestselling authors. The goal is to highlight authors who are writing top quality work but who may not yet be receiving large accolades on par with strong talent.

Make sure it's really great. There are a lot of good books out there by unknown auhors that are better than many bestsellers, but we're looking for books that are extraordinary. Since we won't be giving star ratings to the book, we want our followers to know that any book they choose from our list is a sure thing.

Reader recommendations are prioritized over self-nominations and pro-team recs. We prioritize suggestions from readers who are not affiliated with the authors. However, authors or their pro teams (i.e., PR, PAs, etc.) may also submit.

Start with one recommendation per author. Submit the book that you think is the best example of the author's talent, or, if it's a series that must be read in order, recommend the first book in what you believe to be the author's best series. If we choose the book for feature, we will reach out to the original recommender for additional suggestions from that author.

If you self-nominate, you can ask for feedback. If you choose to self-nominate and you're not chosen, we'll provide feedback as to why your book wasn't right for our blog. Just choose the option to hear our thoughts about what held us back from featuring your book.

Here's What We're Unlikely to Feature

Books with technical errors. The goal is to highlight authors who are writing top quality work but who may not yet be receiving large accolades on par with strong talent.

Books with developmental issues. We're looking at four main literary pillars: character, plot, pacing and tension. Sometimes a great plot is diminished by character problems. Sometimes great characters appear in a book that's too slow. We're looking for books where all four of these pillars come together.

Our Selection Process is Simple

We consider all submissions. We download a free sample from Amazon and decide whether we're intrigued enough to read on after reviewing the first 10% of the book. If we read the entire book, we'll add it to the site if we consider it on par with the overall collection. Books that we consider to be outstanding among this group will be included within our Top Picks. All books on the site are considered to be above average as compared to typical bestsellers.

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